Monday, December 29, 2008

Zeiss ikon icarette 551/2

Zeiss icarette 551/2,pentax K10D camera mode sensitivity priority,sensitivity 560,aperture f11,shutter speed 0.3sec,spot metering,white balance daylight,two tungsten lamps 3200k,filters used yellow/orange,yellow/green,tri color red,lee filters gel snap filter holder,lens used tamron 18+200mm Di11.Test just to see the difference in black and white photography with filters indoors under tungsten lighting.Zeiss ikon icarette is a well made professional folding camera taking 6+9cm and 6+4.5cm images on 120 roll film or plates,the lens fitted zeiss 10.5cm f4.5 tessa lens,shift movements and double extendind,The camera has an exstreamly good feel to it nice to use.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Wild bea orchid

WILD BEE ORCHID,pentax *ist DS,camera mode shutter&aperture priority,multi segment metering,white balance automatic.

Oak tree

Oak tree,pentax *ist DS camera mode shutter priority shutter speed 1/80,multi segment metering,sensitivity 200,white balance daylight,aperture image 1 four frames f20,f16,f11,f14,image 2 two frames,f14,f18.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Dartmouth panorama 9 images

Dartmouth panorama,camera pentaxK10D,lens tamron 18+200mm Di11 set to 48mm,camera mode sensitivity priority ,sensitivity 280,aperture f5.6,shutter speed 1/350sec,multi segment metering,white balance cloudy,panorama 4 images created in photoshop elements 3.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Dartmouth panorama

Dartmouth panorama camera pentax K10D,lens tamron 18+200mm Di11 set to 200mm,camera mode aperture priority,aperture f6.3,shutter speed 1/60sec,metering multi segment,white balance cloudy,sensitivity 100,7 images panorama created in photoshop elements 3.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Dartmouth 7 image panarama

Dartmouth,camera pentax K10D,lens tamron 18+200mm Di11 set to 200mm,camera mode aperture priority,aperture f6.3,shutter speed 1/60sec,multi segment metering,white balance cloudy,sensitivity 100.Panarama 7 images created in photoshop element 3.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dartmouth view over the roof tops.

Dartmouth devon,camera pentax K10D,camera mode sensitivity priority,sensitivity 200,shutter speed 1/250sec,aperture f6.3,multi segment metering,white balance cloudy,lens tamron 18+200mm Di11 set to 200mm.The blue image DXO film pack 2 cross processing.Images made up of 4 shots.

Wirgin gerwir and white balance effects

Wirgin gerwir vintage plate camera 9+6.5cm double extending drop bed professional camera with shift movements,fitted with 10.5cm f2.9 meyer geritz trioplan lens .The camera has been recovered with buffalo skin leatherette cow hide colour.The bellows are home made two layers of brown paper taken from animal feed sack,the iner layers painted black to light proof them.Camera used pentax K10D,lens tamron 18+200mm Di11,camera mode sensitivity priority,sensitivity 400,aperture f16,spot metering,shutter speed 1/4sec,white balance photo 1 manual photo 2 flash photo 3 tungsten photo 4 daylight photo 5 automatic,single tungsten lamp 3200k,automatic white balance more nateral but i prefer the flash.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

PENTAX IMAGES before and after black&white

Pentax *ist DS images,before and after filter effects,lens 18+55mm DA,camera mode aperture priority,aperture f8,sensitivity 200,multi segment metering,white balance manual,photo 1 normal shutter speed 1/500sec,photo 2 yellow/green filter shutter speed 1/180sec,photo 3 yellow/orange shutter speed1/250sec,photo 3 tri color red shutter speed 1/90sec,all black and white photos the gimp channel mixer mono chrome,no mixing.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Vintage cameras, Agfa billy record

Two agfa billy records,both records are 6+9cm the one on the left has a solinar lens and push button shutter release,the other has a apotor lens with the shutter release on the shutter.Camera used pentax K10D ,camera mode sensitive priority,sensitivity 280,aperture f16,shutter speed 1/8sec,metering center weighted ,white balance daylight adjusted to 3570k in laboratory 3,one tungsten lamp 3200k,pop up flash set to slow sync trailing curtain,two second timer,tripod,lens tamron 18+200mm Dii.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ensign carbine Nos 6&7

Esign carbine No6 & 7 are 1920s folding plate and roll film camera using 120 roll film taking 6+9cm images,carbine No6 has a dallmeyer 3 1/2 inch lens,carbine No7 has a 4 inch aldis uno lens,both cameras are rather good picture takers,carbine No7 is the taller model.Photos taken with pentax K10D,lens tamron 18+200mm Dii,camera mode sensitive priority,sensitivity 260,aperture f16,shutter speed 1/8sec,center weighted metering,white balance flash adjusted in laborratory 3 to 3570k,pop up flash used slow sync trailing certain,two tungsten lamps 3200k.

Agilux agifold

Agilux agifold are 6+6cm folding rangefinder cameras one with 9cm lens the other with 7.5cm lens the 9cm lens has a little more contrast and saturation,the 7.5cm lens has more neutral effect.Photo taken with pentax K10D,lens tamron 18+200mm Dii,camera mode sensitive priority,sensitivity 260,shutter speed 1/8sec,center weighted metering,aperture f16,white balance daylight adjusted to 3570k in laboratory 3,two tungsten lamps 3200k,pop up flash set to slow sync trailing certain.

Voigtlander bessa&bessa 1

Voigtlander bessa vintage folding cameras,bessa got a nice trigger release shutter release and folding sports finder and a smaller sports finder for6+4.5cm&6+9cm images ,lens fitted voigtlander scoper.Voigtlander bessa 1,is slightly more modern with a push button shutter release and a veiw finder with sliding mask for 6+9cm%6.45cm images,lens fitted voigtlander vasker coated lens,i think the uncoated scoper takes a better photo,both bessas are good picture takers.Photos taken with pentax K10D,lens tamron 18+200mmDii,camera mode sensitive priority,sensitivity 260,aperture f13,shutter speed 1/8sec,center weighted metering,white balance daylight adjusted in laboratory 3 to 3570k,two tungsten lamps 3200k,pop up flash slow sync second certain,tripod.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

PENTAX K10D images double exposure v,s texture ,apples

These two photos were taken to see what works best textures or double exposure,i prefer double exposure.Camera pentax K10D,camera mode sensitive priority,sensitivity 1100,aperture f11,shutter speed 1/30sec,metering center weighted,white balance manual,lens 18-55mm DA 55mm setting,photo 1 texture,photo 2 double exposure,scots pine bark used for texture.Sensitivity priority Sv was used so i could get a shutter speed with the aperture used so i can hand held.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Wirgin bermerstr.2

Wirgin bermerstr.2,pentax K10D,camera mode aperture priority,aperture f16,shutter speed 4secs,center weighted metering,white balance tungsten,lens 40mm DA pancake,tripod,one tungsten lamp 3200k.The wirgin bermerstr.2 is simmilar to voightlander vag but is made of metal where as the vag is wooden.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Voigtlander vag

Voigtlander vag,camera used pentax K10D camera mode aperture priority,aperture f16,shutter speed 4secs,sensitivity 100,metering center weighted,white balance tungsten,two tungsten lamps used 3200k,tripod,lens 40mm DA pancake.Voightlander vag is light weght 6cm+9cm medium format drop bed plate camera,its nice to use and takes quality pictures.

Friday, November 21, 2008

PENTAX K10D images before and after custom white balance 2

Custom white balance blue7,magenta7,pentax K10D camera mode aperture priority,aperture f22,shutter speed 1/10sec,center weighted metering,sensitivity 100,white balance daylight,custom white balance blue7,magenta7.Photo 2 normal white balance daylight.