Saturday, November 22, 2008

Voigtlander vag

Voigtlander vag,camera used pentax K10D camera mode aperture priority,aperture f16,shutter speed 4secs,sensitivity 100,metering center weighted,white balance tungsten,two tungsten lamps used 3200k,tripod,lens 40mm DA pancake.Voightlander vag is light weght 6cm+9cm medium format drop bed plate camera,its nice to use and takes quality pictures.

Friday, November 21, 2008

PENTAX K10D images before and after custom white balance 2

Custom white balance blue7,magenta7,pentax K10D camera mode aperture priority,aperture f22,shutter speed 1/10sec,center weighted metering,sensitivity 100,white balance daylight,custom white balance blue7,magenta7.Photo 2 normal white balance daylight.

PENTAX K10D images before and after custom white balance

custom white balance amber7,magenta7,camera pentax K10D ,camera mode aperture priority ,aperture f22,shutter speed 1/60sec,center weighted metering,sensitivity 100,white balanc daylight,cutom white balance amber7,magenta 7,tripod,focus was on the sun trying to capture the sun flares,picture taken 9am.Photo 2 normal white balance daylight used.I think custom white balance is a master for creativey.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

devilish monkey puzzle tree

Monkey puzzle tree,is a weird looking tree with triangle pine needles,this tree also has veins running up around its trunk bleeding red sap,tree fellows call it the devil tree.Images taken with pentax *ist DS aperture priority mode,aperture f9.5,lens 18+55mm DA,multi segment metering,white balance automatic.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

PENTAX *ist DS images oak tree knotches

Oak notches,pentax *ist DS,lens sigma 70-300mm Apo,camera mode aperture priority,aperture f11,shutter speed 1/10sec,sensitivity 400,multi segment metering,white balance daylight,lens set to 300mm.I found the knotches have created some rather interesting bark paterns with the aging of the tree which i think is around 500 years old.

PENTAX *ist DS images walnut tree

Walnut tree,camera pentax *ist DS,lens 18-55mm DA,natural density filter 2+,camera mode auto,white balance auto,metering multi segment, shutter speed 1/45sec,aperture f6.7,sensitivity 200,lens set to 21mm,The walnut tree looks quite atractive in the spring with nice red new leafs,the walnut fruits well but does atract a lot off squearels in the autumn.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

PENTAX *ist DS images of majestic oak

Majestic oak tree in spring,camera pentax *ist DS ,camera mode auto,lens 18mm-55mm DA,sensitivity 200,metering multi segment,white balance daylight,natural density graduated filter use 2+ stop,variable aperture and shutter speed settings be tween f11-f22 1/60sec-1/350sec.

Monday, November 17, 2008

PENTAX IMAGES vintage photos

vintage photos,these photos were taken with a selection of vintage retro folding cameras which i collected this last year.The slides copied with pentax K10D,lens 100mm FA macro lens,light box used,tripod,camera mode aperture priority,aperture f2.8,sensitivity 100,white balance daylight,center weighted metering,laboratory 3 and the gimp software used for processing.clicking the title links you to my vintage photos web page.