Monday, March 22, 2010

Voigtlander Bergheil plate camera images,cowslip primula.

Voigtlander bergheil images,cowslip.
#1 heliar lens, focus 1 foot,Fuji provia 100F,
#2 Voigtlander Tele dynar lens,focus 1 foot,Fuji pro 800Z,

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Zeiss ikonta 521/16 nova lens,images,

#1 Seniceo sunshine,showing natural zoom burst effect,(lens babyish)
#2 Pond sculpture garden,the best photo i,ve ever taken with the ikonta,
#3 early summer flower boarder,showing natural painted effects,
#4 early summer meadow,
Film Fuji provia 100F
tessa and nova lens comparisen.

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Agifold 9cm lens ,before and after processing,

Agilux Agifold 6+6cm folding camera fitted with 9cm lens,
#1 Original,
#2 Processed,
I use Pentax K10D fitted with a macro lens 100mm FA or 35mm DA lens,GEPE light box and Manfrotto tripod to photograph my negatives and slides so i can process them,the RAW images are processed with Corel paint shop X2 ultimate photo.
Common processing,
levels auto,
high pass sharpen,
unsharp mask,
FUJI VELVIA 50,120 roll film,

Salex images, oak tree,

Salex 6+4.5 cm folding camera 1930,s
#1 original,
#2 Corel Time machine Daguerreotype,
#3 Corel Time machine Daguerreotype,layers multiply

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