Thursday, November 27, 2008

PENTAX K10D images double exposure v,s texture ,apples

These two photos were taken to see what works best textures or double exposure,i prefer double exposure.Camera pentax K10D,camera mode sensitive priority,sensitivity 1100,aperture f11,shutter speed 1/30sec,metering center weighted,white balance manual,lens 18-55mm DA 55mm setting,photo 1 texture,photo 2 double exposure,scots pine bark used for texture.Sensitivity priority Sv was used so i could get a shutter speed with the aperture used so i can hand held.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Wirgin bermerstr.2

Wirgin bermerstr.2,pentax K10D,camera mode aperture priority,aperture f16,shutter speed 4secs,center weighted metering,white balance tungsten,lens 40mm DA pancake,tripod,one tungsten lamp 3200k.The wirgin bermerstr.2 is simmilar to voightlander vag but is made of metal where as the vag is wooden.